Helping you take control of your weight loss for ever

Do you want to lose 5lbs, 10lbs, 20lbs, more?

Do you want to find a way to lose weight which suits your lifestyle?

Do you have sugar cravings you just can’t seem to control?

Have you dieted before only to find that you put the weight back on?

Let me help you think thinner

This means, change the way you think about food and eating. This is the only way to conquer unhealthy eating habits such as sugar cravings, emotional eating, night time eating, eating when stressed, busy…

All the ways we use food other than as nourishment and fuel for our bodies.


I have designed a programme that takes away the confusion about healthy eating. I want you to stop worrying about food and your choices and to start enjoying it. Without having to count points and eating real food, I will provide you with tools and teach you strategies to enable you to change your eating habits. Deprivation free and without starving yourself, I will teach you how to think thinner.


Revolutionise your eating habits to reach your goal weight and ensure you need never worry about your weight again.

All it takes is 100% commitment from you, I can teach you the rest. If you are interested, please use the contact page and I will arrange a free strategy session to see if my individual, tailor made weight loss programme is suitable for you.