How can I help you?

Join my 3-step programme to lose weight and keep it off forever

Step 1 : Introduction to weight loss techniques

6 weeks (£30 per week)

After carrying out an analysis of your current diet and eating patterns I will construct a programme specifically designed for you, taking into account your lifestyle and preferences, that ensures you will lose weight during this phase. You will have daily text contact with me to keep you on track while you are learning new habits. You will also have a weekly coaching call with me, where I will provide you with tools and teach you strategies to enable you to think thinner and to conquer your unhealthy eating habits

Step 2: Improving and consolidating your weight loss skills

6 weeks (£25 per week)

We will continue to work on the tools and strategies you have learned during step 1 and concentrate on strengthening the thought patterns which are required to change unhealthy habits. The aim will be to reduce the reliance on daily contact to enable you to apply the principles of this programme by yourself.

Step 3: Refining your independent weight loss skills

This final step is for those clients who have reached their weight loss goals but want the ability to keep their weight loss skills refreshed and up to date. The amount of contact, frequency of sessions and level of support will vary depending on the individual needs of the client. The price will therefore vary accordingly.

Strategy Session - No cost

Use the contact page to arrange a convenient time for a strategy session. During this 20 minute call we will discuss what you want to achieve and the problems you have encountered so far. I can explain what is required in my 3 step programme and we can agree whether you are ready to think thinner.