Why I can help you
with your weight loss

First, I have a diploma in nutrition and weight loss management.


Second, I have personal experience of using the tools and strategies, I will teach you to gain control of my own eating habits. This has enabled me to maintain a weight and lifestyle I am happy with.

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My name is Sarah Measday and my main problem was night time eating.


I could be healthy and make good choices all day but after dinner, particularly if I had drunk a glass of wine, I would crave something sweet to eat. I would trawl through the cupboards to find something, sweets, chocolate, biscuits, anything (!) to satisfy that urge.


By the time I went to bed, I would be so cross with myself that I had given in to the craving and, in my mind, ruined all the good work I had done that day. I vowed to wake up the following morning with a new resolve to resist the craving for sugar, only for the same thing to happen again that evening and in the following nights.


Like many of you, I have gained and lost the same weight (in my case 10lbs) so many times since my 20s. Trying numerous different diets to achieve the weight loss only to find that the weight had started to come back on as soon as my will power weakened and my night time eating recommenced.


In my 40s a couple of injuries meant I had long periods where I could not exercise and I got frustrated that I could not reach or stay at my goal weight.


Without relying on exercise, I needed to find a way of eating that got to me to my goal, that dealt with the urges and cravings I was experiencing and that stopped me having all the negative emotions which were surrounding my food choices.


I started to research ways to change my thoughts about food and eating. Using these skills, I have been able to beat those cravings and change my unhealthy eating habits, reach my goal weight and most importantly, maintain that loss. Through this research and the work on my diploma I have developed a programme I call think thinner.


Food and eating is a pleasure now that it is not surrounded by negative emotions such as frustration, guilt, despair. Do I still eat chocolate and drink wine? Yes of course I do! But now I can enjoy them as a treat because they are part of the plan. I don’t have any negative emotions about having them because I know I will not feel guilty in the morning. I am finally in control of what I chose to eat.

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